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More about us, our breeding program and goals:

Our first priority at Ruff-N-Tumble is to breed the healthiest puppy possible. All puppies are from healthy genetically tested parents. Our puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old and receive their first two parvo/distemper shots before leaving our house. We give a full 3 year genetic/health guarantee with all of our puppies. Our puppies are raised in our home, with kids and cats and tons of attention.

We only breed Mini Aussie to Mini Poodle. We never breed back to the poodle nor do we breed for F1B, F2 or multigen dogs. Our goal is to breed for a dog with all the traits of the aussie, including bone structure, color and temperament, with the hair of a poodle. We prefer the stocky build of the mini aussie to the more delicate build of the poodle and find that the F1s display more of what we are looking for in an aussie doodle.

The F1 Aussiedoodle, sometimes called the Aussiepoo, has lovely, butter soft, curly or wavy hair. It is much like the poodle in that it will be low to non-shedding and mostly hypoallergenic, but the curls will be looser and much softer than a regular poodles coat. The colors will be as close to aussie colors as possible. We breed for blue merle, red merle, black tri and red tri. We do occasionally get poodle colors like sables or phantoms.

Both the Mini Aussie and the Mini Poodle have FANTASTIC temperaments! We never breed toy poodles as they tend to be nippy, and yappy with delicate bone. Our dogs are bred to be therapy or family dogs and we cannot tolerate a nervous temperament. We prefer Minis to standards as well, mainly because of size. Both standard poodles and standard aussies are BIG dogs! We're talking 25" at the shoulder and 60 lbs and up! For allot of people the "grab and go" size of the mini aussie doodle is PERFECT for a family with kids and great for retired folks as well. We have been breeding and showing Mini Aussies since 1998! These are not second rate Aussies, they are the very best of the best, tried and true temperament, size and structure.

We do have a contract and a strict rehoming agreement. Our contract states that the buyer may not resell or rehome any of our puppies without first offering him/her back to us. We will take back any dog we have raised, no matter what age. This contract insures one of our babies never end up in a shelter or peddled on craigslist.

We are located in Ontario Oregon and can deliver to Reno, Portland or Boise or we can ship.

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